Our innovative healthy dining program will provide an endless array of healthy dining choices while arming the Union College campus community with unrivaled access to nutritional information.

Through our healthy dining program, you will receive:

An integrated approach to healthy dining offering easy access to full nutritional content on all menu offerings, enabling guests to make informed nutritional decisions

Healthy, great-tasting dining options throughout the café (not just at one station) combined with a creative approach to marketing healthy dining options so that guest can easily identify those options at all points of service

Overall menu concepts respecting both the growing concern over food allergens (i.e., gluten free, lactose free, nut free options integrated into our menus) and special culinary lifestyle choices (i.e., vegan, vegetarian and religious/ethnic requirements integrated throughout our menus)

Technological solutions that offer instant access to complete nutritional information along with tools that enable our guests to live a healthier lifestyle (i.e., our one-of-a-kind healthy dining website and nutritional database along with our Nutritional Tracker Smartphone App)

Scan the QR code below

with your smartphone to download our one-of-a-kind nutritional tracker app.

Activation Code: vihyt

Our Nutritional Rating System

Follow the link below to understand how we rate nutritional choices in your café.