The Marketplace:

This global eatery accommodates a diverse population by drawing on the best recipes of contemporary and classic global cuisine. Drawing on the exotic flavors of the world, our menu includes popular dishes such as Peking Roast Chicken and vegan & vegetarian specials like Tofu Banh Mi.

The All NEW Chef U:

Guests will be the star chefs at Chef U. Encouraged to try their hand at making Chef-inspired daily specials; our guests can prepare their own dishes as simply or as intricately as they dare. Through the multiple sauté stations, this unique area will heighten patrons engagement and may even spur a little competition.

Cucina Perfetta:

At Cucina Perfetta our Italian cuisine does not stop with pizza. We take Italian to the next level, adding more choices, flare, and unique twists on age old favorites.


Have peace of mind when you visit this location at Upper. Accommodating all major food allergies, this eatery offers a variety of dishes and ingredients to make your visit safe, enjoyable, and delicious.

Greens & Grains:

Craft your own salad creation and turn your healthy leafy option into a power bowl meal using grains, vegetables and protein.

American Signature Deli:

Artisan deli sandwiches, local breads & cheeses topped with in-season & local produce and spreads make the new deli station a craveable experience.

Breakfast Bar:

Where you can start your day and end your meal, the breakfast bar has everything you desire from bagels to Belgian waffles, traditional cereal favorites and fresh pastry. Don’t forget to finish your meal here where you can also find scratch made sweet treats and desserts.

Hydration Station:

No meal is complete without an ice cold beverage to hydrate or a hot beverage to warm you up. From your caffeine buzz to your pick-me-up, the hydration station has what you need.